SCAIA was born by the hands of a woman who decided to bring her dreams to life, believing that fashion can be a form of art and an expression of style, and should be unique and with values.

SCAIA is a Portuguese brand of women’s clothing, with an elegant, comfortable design, inspired by nature and human body movements, with cuts that confer distinction and personality. SCAIA was born to accompany and give luck to active and conscious women, in any occasion. It is a symbiosis between woman and nature.

It is a brand with its own design and national craft production.

All pieces are produced in Portugal, in atelier. The SCAIA brand only works with expert hands and knows them all, promoting the maintenance of artisan jobs, more sustainable in the production processes, thus creating a greater connection to the people and creating more authentic pieces. Production is fair and ethical. The fabrics and materials inherent to the brand are natural and organic and the focus is above all on the uniqueness of the details, punctuated by the versatility of the models.

More than a brand it is a conscious and active mentality that says no to stereotyping, that values transparent, fair and ecological processes, a brand that defends what is simple, because it believes that less is more and that simplicity makes each piece unique and special.

The SCAIA brand believes that we have the power to ensure that the future is a better world, with a mission to contribute to the reduction of the impact on the environment, promoting responsible and more sustainable consumption.